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Associates Council


To build recognition and appreciation between builder and associate members.


The Associates Council sponsors activities that educate and/or entertain the membership; and enhance Builder/Associate contacts. This includes planning and implementing directives through regular monthly meetings.


Casino Night
Whether in town with an evening of blackjack and craps for the entire Association and guests, or a bus ride to Jackpot for the night, a fun time si had by all. Door prizes are given away during the evening.

Associates Council
All Associate members are invited to be members of the Council. An Associate member is any member which is not a builder, developer, or remodelor; i.e., building supply, real estate, insurance, carpet, window, landscape, etc.

Most Associates Council and subcommittee meetings are held during the lunch hour from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. as a no-host lunch meeting.

Event committees (i.e. Casino Night) are created at the Associates Council. These subcommittees will generally meet as needed to prepare for the specific event, then conclude with a wrap-up meeting. These meetings are in addition to the regular Associates Council meetings.

Council Chair: Kyle Woods –