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SMC Scholarship

Established to provide a way to recognize worthy students within our Association “family” each year. Download Application.

The following factors will be used to evaluate the scholarship applications. Your application should include information on the following factors:

  • Grade Point
  • Course Load:
    • High School Classes – If just graduating from high school
    • Secondary Education – college or trade school credit hours/types of classes
  • Secondary Education curriculum
  • Submitted three current character reference letters.
  • Demonstration of financial need.
  • Type of summer work, if you worked.
  • Type of work during school year, if you worked.
  • What school related activities did you participate in?
  • What outside community activities did you participate in?
  • A biographical statement.
  • Application presentation, completeness & appearance.

Applications DUE May 1, 2024 BY 5 p.m.

Qualifications: Any local BCASWI member company, or its employee and their immediate family members.

Instructions for Completing Application

  1. Application is to be completed by applicant.
  2. Please type or print clearly.
  3. Attach the following to the completed application:
    1. Three (3) current character reference letters.
    2. Transcript of courses completed.
    3. At least 100 word biographical statement, including educational background, financial need, and other pertinent information about yourself. (All information will be kept confidential). Please attach on a separate piece of paper.
    4. Explain relationship to BCASWI.
  4. Notification of all scholarship recipients will be within 4-6 weeks after the deadline.
  5. Send completed application with attachments to:

BCASWI Scholarship Committee
6206 N. Discovery Way, Ste. A
Boise, Idaho 83713