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Don’t Let Change Limit Your Growth

It can be challenging to make a living as a contractor. Material costs are constantly on the rise, qualified labor is getting harder to find, and your work schedule is at the whim of the housing market and Mother Nature.

Although a few innovations have made the job easier and results more precise, there have not been many strides that have really revolutionized the industry at the ground level. Until now.

One of the most challenging and time-consuming steps of a building project is pouring the footings and constructing the foundation. The time and work that goes into this process have, in great part, been reduced with the popularizing of slab-built homes and frost-protected shallow foundations. But it is still a tedious process that can take days to complete, even on small projects.

The site must be excavated and leveled, followed by forming, pouring of concrete, form removal and backfill. For a contractor, this could potentially result in a lot of wasted time and money.

However, there is a new method of pouring monolithic slabs that eliminates much of the time and labor: Mono Slab® EZ Form. In fact, it reduces what once took days to complete to just a few hours of work.

Industry leaders see opportunities with new product and innovations. One contractor in eastern Idaho made the change from traditional foundation methods converting from crawlspaces to slab-on-grade foundations using Mono Slab® EZ Form. By using this simplified method, the contractor was able to excavate, install underground plumbing, set up, install, and pour 29 foundations in only seven days.

Mono Slab® EZ Form is a patented product that allows you to form, insulate and backfill all before you pour and place concrete. Mono Slab® EZ form removes several steps from the traditional forming and insulating process to save you time, labor and money.

Don’t let changing a process limit your growth and success. Products like Mono Slab® can help you open new doors to new opportunities and increased growth.

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