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Pergolas: The New Essential in Home Building

The allure of outdoor living has never been stronger, with home builders seeking to meld luxury with practicality to cater to a new generation of home owners. At the forefront of this outdoor trend lies the pergola — a structure that effortlessly straddles comfort and sophistication.

Beyond architectural details, pergolas offer a lifestyle upgrade that potential buyers find irresistible. The stats speak volumes: Pergolas dominate the outdoor-living market, providing a return on investment that’s hard to match.

Market dynamics proclaim that the pergola industry is now a significant segment of the $1.3 billion outdoor living structure market. Ease of installation, coupled with enhanced visual appeal of any property, presents a compelling case for builders looking to satisfy a discerning clientele.

Azenco Outdoor has not only recognized this shift in the market but pioneered it. They’ve developed a unique product line that bridges the gap between traditional outdoor structures and the modern consumer’s love for automation and customization.

Partnering with Quality: Key Considerations in Choice

Builders like Cameron Kulyk, founder and CEO of Kulyk Outdoors, who are immersed in the world of pergolas understand the popularity and that the brand behind the product is just as important.

“Pergolas are a builder’s dream for scheduling, budget and home buyer appeal,” Kulyk said. “It’s an outdoor wow factor with no downside.”

It embodies a balance of cost-effectiveness and striking upgrade possibilities that few other structures can match. For Kulyk, working with the Florida-based manufacturer Azenco Outdoor has ensured that his projects align with his commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction.

Azenco stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, local support and customer service. With a patio cover collection that meets all needs and a wide range of customizable options, builders have the freedom to curate a pergola that is a seamless extension of their project’s design ethos.

Transform Your Building Projects

When acclaimed celebrities JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers decided to add a pergola to their own home, they trusted the expertise of Azenco.

“As people who had done home renovation projects before, we had an initial vision of what we thought we wanted. But when Azenco and their local dealer came onboard, they combined their vision and our vision and gave some recommendations of things that we didn’t really think about like spacing, as far as what you need for strong winds, and sensors so we can leave it open,” Rodgers shared.

Moreover, Leslie Chapus, co-founder and vice president of Azenco, underlines that “in an industry where timing is everything, Azenco delivers with a cutting-edge production line, minimal material lead times and expert dealer network.”

Embracing the Pergola Revolution

Builders partnering with top-tier U.S. pergola manufacturers providing superior craftsmanship, local service and support are not only responding to market demands but are also establishing a new benchmark in residential building standards.

With such favorable statistics and testimonials backing its efficacy, the message is clear: In the current market, a home lacking an outdoor pergola is at a competitive disadvantage.

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